Wherefore Art Thou, O Canelé?

canele and cancansWhy canelé? people ask, after I sold my software startup and bought and restored a commercial bakery, where we focus on (and only on) the delectrable canelé.

And I think of all the things I could say in answer.  I think,

Canelés because they are the perfect coffee companion.
Canelés because they are made from all the good things.
copper canele mold
Canelés because it’s mysterious to make them – a process with a high degree of difficulty.
Canelés because it’s well worth the required persnickety perfectionism.
Canelés because they are also the perfect wine companion.
Canelés because they are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat.
Canelés because we were tired of years of puffed up dried out flat out indifferent tasting pastry from San Francisco’s many gourmet coffee purveyors.
Canelés because mini canelés cancans are as adorable as they are delicious.

chipsCanelés because flavors like caramelized pecan and Ghirardelli dark chocolate chunk.
Canelés because seasonal variations like pumpkin, eggnog, pineapple.
Canelés because savory and sweet flavors are equally good.
Canelés because…bacon canelé.
Canelés because they make a great bring-with-you to brunch, or dinner.
Canelés because not too sweet, and totally satisfying.
47Canelé because mini canelés cancns are just 47 calories each.
Canelés because rum scented.
Canelés because it’s time San Francisco’s treat was something other than Rice-A-Roni.
nun (1)
Canelés because they have a 300 year old history.
Canelés because little copper molds.
Canelés because the chocolate pecan ones are especially awesome right out of the freezer, like a frozen Snickers from heaven.
choc chunk canele
Canelés because creamy custardy interior like a portable crème brûlée.
Canelés because crisp caramelized exterior.
Canelés because the textures and flavors open up as you chew so you start with an oh but end with an ooooooooooooh (la la).
Canelés because it means ‘fluted for her pleasure’ (actually just fluted, I added the pleasure part).
Canelé because it’s fun to say!

Canelés because cancan means scandalous and that’s how mini-canelés taste, like a delicious little scandal you can’t wait to repeat.
Canelés because the four pack of Classic Vanilla have a satisfying heft in your hand,
like happiness ready to happen.stairway

But more often than not I simply hand the asker a canelé, because one bite, and they have the answer themselves.

You can buy canelés online here.  Canelés are shelf stable for 4-5 days, and can be frozen with impuity! Just thaw and serve, or take directly from the freezer and heat in the oven at 375 for 15 minutes.

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